I had mentioned in a previous post that my coach was giving cable work which I don’t have in my gym. I let her know all of the equipment that I do have and she said I was good, thank goodness. You might be wondering what my gym looks like so let me show you our setup.

We converted JD’s garage into the gym since both our trucks and camper are way to tall to fit through the door. His was also dryer, bigger, and nicer than mine so it made for a better choice.

Cardio Machines

Treadmill is actually in my office for now though hopefully we can move it to the gym soon.

My road bike on the trainer so dual purpose. Can use it inside or out however, this isn’t the kind of cardio that I’m supposed to be doing, unfortunately. This is one of my favorite things to do so I’m gonna have to beg for this to be added into the cardio mix.

Our rower and Echo/Assault bike (aka-bike of death). The treadmill will be joining these two.

Weight Lifting Gear

Dumbbells ranging from 5 lbs to 50 lbs

Kettlebell set- 2 @ 35 lbs (one not pictured), 1 @ 45 lbs, and 2 @ 50 lbs

Our squat rack rig with pull-up bar. Also pictured are 2 barbells @ 45 lbs, 4 each- 45 lbs and 10 lbs plates, 2 each- 35 lbs, 25 lbs, 5 lbs, 2.5 lbs, and 1.25 lbs plates. There is also a slew of varying tension bands, a box and a GHD pad and rollers.

We have a straight bench and an include/decline bench, crash pads (for dropping the weights without damaging the plates, bar or floor), 14 lbs medicine ball and a box full of misc things such as jump ropes, lifting belts, yoga mat, etc.

Full view of the gym. The walls and ceiling have sprayed insulation covering them and the garage door has reflective insulation to help with the radiant heat and cold from the outside. This way we can heat and cool inside maintaining a consistent temperature easily.

We have our clock/timer, propane heater, mini fridge full of water (it used to be beer and one day will be again) and a white board for keeping track of the workouts.

I’ve been getting more use out of my yoga mat this competition around. I should have and knew I needed to do yoga when training from a flexibility and balance standpoint (god knows I could use a shit ton more balance in my life- to be explained in 4.2 post). I wish I was someone who loved it, hell just liking it would be good with me, so I’ve recognized my boundaries. I won’t do more than 30 minutes however 20ish is the sweet spot. I need to do it in the morning or it will never happen. And weather permitting, do the practice on my back porch. What better way to start your morning right?! Yeah, I keep telling myself that also….fake it until you make it! In seriousness, I am trying to be better this time around so I’m embracing yoga.

I will say that we were very fortunate in the fact that we bought our equipement before COVID hit so we didnt end up paying a premuim for everthing. We we do decide to move, the gym will be one of the hardest things to say bye too (we will take all of the equipment with is) however, we will cross that bridge when we get there. Until then, we will keep on lifting!